Bring your pets to the Wedding

For couples getting married, one of the biggest problems can be the worry of their pets during their big day.  If they live together and have a beloved dog or cat they may not want to put it into kennels for a few days. The same goes if you still live with your parents, who will look after the family pet? Everyone you trust will be at the wedding and you don’t want to ask your neighbour you hardly speak too. It can be hard to find someone that even likes animals!

So my solution to this is to bring your animals to your wedding. Can you picture wee sandy bringing your rings down the aisle? Ok, well only if you have an extra well behaved dog. If you do decide to have your dog as a ring bearer, make sure to have a few practice runs before the big day.

There are other ways you can bring your dog into your wedding. Why not have him/her dressed up in some cute clothes (like below) and get them into the wedding photographs.

You could hire a dog walker for after the wedding ceremony as we know pets can get rather impatient and will need to go to the loo often.

Another way to incorporate your pet into your wedding is to have funky photos of them on your table card numbers. Take a look at some of the photos below of pets at weddings. Too cute!


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Brides Bouquets – anything goes!

Brides Bouquets

Now a days a bride has so much to choose from for their bouquet. This is always a major talking point for guests so it is important to get it right. Bouquets will usually be designed to tie in with the theme and colourings of the wedding. Flowers are always a talking point of any wedding so you always want to be coming down the aisle with something totally off the radar.

Types of bouquets

Brooch Bouquet
I just love the latest craze to hit the bridal world- the brooch bouquets. It may seem a bit wacky for those who you have yet to hear about it but it is taking the bridal world by storm. Brides want to be unique; they want their wedding to be different from their friends.

Button Bouquet
Again, this is an alternative to flowers only with buttons. Collect all the buttons in the world and watch your florist work wonders. Buttons are so inexpensive and come in every colour under the sun. The perfect alternative for an alternative bride.

Pearl Bouquet
Pearl bouquets will definitely create that wow factor. With a bunch of pure pearls, this creates a timeless and classic look. Pearls are always associated with weddings and what better way to bring them into your wedding.

Fresh Flower Bouquet
For the traditional bride, the flower bouquet is the best option. We have such wonderful availability of flowers now and it can be hard to choose. However, don’t forget that flowers bloom at different times of the year so you may want to consider this when choosing a date for your weddings.

Mix it all up Bouquet
Why not give the fresh flowers, buttons and brooches a good mix up together? That would really create a statement piece.

Bridesmaid Bouquets
You want the bridesmaid’s bouquets to tie in with your own, on a smaller scale. Incorporate some of the same colours and maybe even a few Swarovski crystals. The crystals will catch the light and reflect throughout the ceremony.

I hope you enjoy making your dream bouquet- Love Linda x

Pearl Bouquet

My Bouquet

Mixture of Fresh Flower and Brooch

FORGOT Silk Bouquet

Button and Brooch Bouquet

brooch-bouquet 2

Attention all brides- Pinterest is addictive!

I have recently discovered Pinterest and I have to say, I think I am addicted. For all you brides to be out there, if you aren’t on Pinterest you are missing out! There are some fantastic ideas for a wedding.Image.

Basically you look through thousands of images in whatever area you want and ‘repin’ the images onto your own personal boards. A bit like mood boards. You can build as many boards as you want and name them whatever you want! You can follow interesting people and they can follow you. You can upload personal photos too if you find them interesting enough. It certainly cuts out buying bridal magazines for the meantime.

My favourite Pinterest items to lookup are brooch bouquets. Waooo! They are just fab! They are so different to the average floral bouquet. The best thing about them is you have it forever! You definitely won’t be throwing it into the crowd after the wedding; it would more than likely knock someone out.

We have a selection of brooch bouquets in our store so pop in to see them for yourself. These are made by Couture Bride Ni.

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Love Linda x

So what shape are you?

Picking the dress is one of the hardest things to do for the wedding. Oh decisions decisions! You have spent hours browsing the internet and bridal magazines and have pinned dresses that you love. But wait, there is one problem. Will they suit your shape and frame? This is the key element to your dress. 

If you book an appointment with me, I will take you through the perfect style for you. What are the shapes for ladies?Image…here you will find out…


Neat Hourglass
This is where your bust is well defined and you have soft curves to your hips, bum and tum. Luckly this is the easy one and most shapes will flatter you as long as you have balanced proportions.
***** Bias Cut
***** A- Line
****   Fishtail
****   Ballgown
****   Empire
***    Shift
A Bias Cut dress will hide nothing, so it is a perfect choice for a neat hourglass


Full Hourglass
A Fuller bust to an neat hourglass, well defined waist, full hips and possibly a curvy bum. If you get a good fit on the hips you will often find the waist on skirts and trousers are too large. close fitting designs are your best fit.
*****  Fishtail
*****  Ballgown
****    Bias Cut
****    A- Line
**      Empire
*       Shift
A Ballgown dress is what dreams are made off and it is the perfect dress for you!


Pear or Triangle
Your bust may be minimal or full, and your shoulder possibly narrow and sloping. A dress with a full skirt will work well.
***** A- Line
***** Empire
****   Ballgown
**       Fishtail
*         Bias Cut
*         Shift
An Empire wedding dress will flatter you as well as giving ease of movement around the dance floor. 


Inverted Triangle or Apple
You may have a minimal or defined waist. Dresses that show off your shoulders are great for your shape. Straight line styles work well on you, but avoid frills and flounces. You have the perfect shape to add details to your hips and bottom.
***** Fishtail
***** Shift
**** A- Line
**** Empire
** Ballgown
* Bias Cut
A Fishtail dress will emphasize your figure and create interest below the knees to give the wow factor.


You are lean and long as you hae minimal bust, Just a little shaping around your waist, and flat hips and bottom. You need a dress that really enhances your body shape. A Boned bodice and a fuller skirt will work well for you.
***** A- Line
****   Empire
****   Shift
***     Fishtail
**       Ballgown
*         Bias Cut
A simple A-line dress will be elegant and all the focus will be on you!


You may be full or flat chested and your rib cage seems to go straigth down to your waist. You have a flat bottom and hips and may carry a little weight around your middle. Straight styles are best for you, so find a dress that gives the illusion of a waist.
***** Shift
****   Empire
***     A- Line
***     Fishtail
**       Bias Cut
*         Ballgown
A shift dress will look striking with embellishment and detail.


If you are petite you should keep the detail of your look small and delicate
Large Boned
If you have a large boned structure you will be able to scale up the details and accessorise.
This is a small part of making your perfect dress. Call instore to have some fun playing around with necklines, train length and sleeve detail to match you up with THEE DRESS for you!!