Just engaged? Where to begin…


It can be hard to know where to start when you have just got engaged. Enjoy the buzz and all the fun that comes with the engagement. Everyone is asking to see the ring and hear the story. You will soon be blue in the face from telling everyone!

Onto planning the actual day. Yes, the day does actually happen. But where do you begin? Well, I would start by buying a few magazines and looking online for ideas of what you want. First and foremost is you need to set a date. If your partner plays football or is a teacher, there are limited times which are suitable for you. Which in turn will limit your search. So get on the ball early if you want a summer wedding for instance.

Book your priest or minster next. It is only manners to book him/her first before you book your venue.

Book your venue. Ensure you are 100% happy with your venue before you book it. Price around and always look for a good deal when you are finalising your details. Hotels can throw in extras that you might not have heard of!

Book your photographer. He/she can be very busy at certain times of the year and even only available during peak times. So beware!

Book your videographer. Not everyone has a video these days but it is still a nice touch to look back on with the kids.

Look into your flowers as what you want might not be available for your wedding. It is all to do with the cilmate so make sure you have some ideas before you visit your florist.

Start to look for thee dress. Trust me, this can take a while. What you think you want and what you will go for will most likely be complete opposite. Don’t forget to come see me 😉

Once you have your dress you can look for bridesmaid dresses. As you have your wedding dress, you will want your maids to tie in with you. This should be easy!

After you have all the main events sorted you can relax for a few months… Enjoy before it starts to get crazy again!

Love Linda x

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