Tea Towel Wedding Invites???!!!

Brides will go to all lengths to have the perfect invite. We think about it for months in the lead up to the wedding and ponder over what we can do differently. You think about the font, the colour, the paper, the envelope, everything! Well, what can I say? I have seen and heard of some strange yet cool invites but this takes the biscuit!

Tea towel invites. Yes, you heard right. One of my brides told me about this and I was straight online to find out more information. I was so intrigued by it all and pleasantly surprised.

You pick your own print and obviously it gets personalised with all your wedding details and post to your guests. It is something that they will have forever and itโ€™s practical. I mean, how often do you go running looking a tea towel? And what usually happens to paper invites; the blue bin gets them. The tea towel invite is far more economical.

Check out the business on Facebook to find out more information. If you do go for them, share your photos with us, we would love to see them!



Image taken fromย http://www.weddingteatowels.co.uk/GalleryWoodstockWedding.html