celeb style

who is the best styled celeb on their big day?

These ladies have and are forever are in the limelight. But how does walking down the aisle differ from taking a trip down the red carpet…?

Which celeb did it in style and who went completely over the top?

Below are some of our top favourite elegantly styled and also a few ” WHAT WAS SHE THINKING” ones too…


Kate Middleton – Wow, we all loved her lace sleeves and full length train. she really was a princess awaiting her prince!!


Gwen Stefani – back in 2002, Gwen wore a rather unique pink dip dyed silk gown…. something a little daring, but with Gwens eccentric personality, we would expect no less..


Kelly Clarkson – we love kelly’s romantic bohemian styling with the bautiful soft lace. her hair was softly pinned to compliment this roantic look…. love….


Audrey Hepburn – even on audrey’s big day she looked effortlessly glam in her classic cut tea length gown.


Victoria Beckham – she may be one of the worlds biggst style icons, but what do you think of her gown on her big day? she opted for a full skirt, folded sweetheart neckline, teamed with a huge autumn bouquet and crown..


Last but not last we have Katie Price in her famous princess gown when she tied the knot with pere andre…. was this a little over the top?? got her noticed anyway!!

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