DIY wedding: your day – your way


In the past few years we have seen that weddings are getting more and more creative. Brides are getting a little more daring and invenitve to “do something a little different” on their big day.

Putting a creative spin on your wedding makes it that little more personal – giving your guests an insight into your personality, styles that you like and how you would like your overall wedding day to be precieved.  

Doing a few things yourself also helps to cut down on costs, although these things may take a little time doing / making you really will fell great achievement when all is put together….plus it is great fun and it makes planning your day all that more exciting.


below i have put together a few images of a few simple things things you can make for your special day.

the most popular “DIY’S” are,

wedding invitations, table centre pieces, table plans, reception decor, and floral arrangements..





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