How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape

Ask any girl what she desires most in life and the perfect wedding  dress will probably make the list. This is how much a wedding means to every girl. In order to make it perfect, you need the perfect bridal gown for you. You might have picturesque thoughts of a flowing Cinderella gown, but will your body type allow it?

Your Body Type Has The Final Say

If your big day is approaching, you have probably scoured many resources looking for exquisite wedding dress designers. From Suzanne Neville and Jim Hjelm to John Charles, there is no shortage of gifted designers out there.

It is important to understand that your body shape will determine the ability of these impeccable gowns to feature at your wedding. There are different body shapes which are suited to different types of dresses so we have listed below the most common body shapes and their most suitable wedding dress. Body types include:

  • Apple shaped: If you have a thin waist but a full bottom and torso and generally a large frame, this is your body type description. Recommended dress styles include empire and ball gowns.
  • Hourglass: This describes brides with a well-defined waist, shoulders and hips, which correspond in size. With this shape, you have nothing to fear and you can opt for a mermaid, column or an A-line/ princess dress.
  • Inverted triangle shape: This shape refers to brides who have broad shoulders and hips, which are slightly narrower than their shoulders. The idea should be to let the shoulders open in an empire, A-line, ball gown or a sheath dress.
  • Rectangle shape: If your shoulders, hips and waist are similar in size then you have a rectangular shape and there are lots of gown styles to choose from. You can dress to kill in a mermaid dress, sheath or even a ball gown.
  • Pear shape: This applies to women whose lower part of the body including bottom, thighs, and hips are larger than the upper half part of the body. Empire dresses with a raised waistline sitting below the bust is perfect for pear-shaped women.

With this guide you can find the perfect wedding dress for your big day and once you have chosen your gown then you can start to think about accessorising to give it that extra bit of perfection.