Say β€˜I Do’ To The Perfect Wedding Dress

Weddings – who doesn’t love them? Yes, they might come accompanied by millions of butterflies in your stomach but they still form a milestone in your life. As the bride, you are the focus of the big day and your dress is the focal point of the wedding so must get it right.

Hardest Decision Yet

Consider the number of people who will have an interest in your dress. From your mother, in-laws, your friends, the list is endless. This can be a lot of pressure so it helps to have an idea on how to go about shopping for the quintessential wedding dress.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

The final decision will of course come down to your personal preference. However, there is no denying that professional input is invaluable because these experts have dressed thousands of happy brides. Take a look at some pertinent factors:

  • Time is of essence: If there is one blunder most brides commit, it is leaving this arduous task for the last months. To appreciate how important timing is, just visit a bridal store and ask what goes into preparing a dress. It takes 4-7 months to make a perfect dress and you must keep this in mind. Remember some changes on the dress might be necessary.
  • Influence of your body type: Never take your body shape for granted. You might want a sheath dress because it is all the rage but if your dresser says a ball gown is better for your pear-shaped body trust him or her. Do not get carried away by fads or you may rue looking at your wedding photos for the rest of your life.
  • Consider every aspect of your wedding: Do you want a registry wedding or a church wedding? These two alternatives demand different wedding dress types. Consider the theme, colour and location of the wedding as you don’t want to turn up in church in a revealing dress to the astonishment of the minister.
  • Be open-minded: Preparing for a wedding is a daunting affair and choosing the dress forms the crux of this task. You must be willing to compromise on the budget and dress type. For instance, you might be in love with a mermaid dress but if your dress consultant recommends sample sale wedding dresses then you should consider them.

Choosing your wedding dress should not ruin your wedding experience; remember this is your wedding but again be ready to listen to the experts before making a final decision.